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Women Holding Hands

The experience was powerful,  moving and life changing. It was so wonderful to have Tru Wellness take care of all the details and answer any questions I had. Sue was so easy and wonderful to deal with. I never felt pressured at any time.

I got so much more out of this wonderful experience than I would have hoped. Keep up the wonderful work guys!!!

Kellie - Richardson, TX

This was my 1st TRU Wellness retreat. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a place to get away from negativity, aggression, and crazies that we deal with a day to day basis.  It help me maintain a sense of peace and calm to have met so many great empowering women.  We all have a story, this was a place that you can voice your thoughts without judgment.  It was like a breath of fresh air.

Sara-Ann - McKinney, TX

Tru Wellness Retreat was such an extraordinary experience I'll always have in my cherish box.  Our host, Sue was incredible and made everything so seamless from lodging,  meals and a fun-filled, relaxing itinerary.  My favorite part was being able to connect with such inspiring and beautiful women from all walks of life.  The sisterhood feel was such a treasure!  I highly recommend for anyone seeking a total mind, body and soul type of recharge!

Ratsany - Melissa, TX

I really enjoyed the time I had talking with each lady while I was there. Everyone was so friendly.  The food was amazing and the hike and yoga were fun! 

Sue and Jennifer are amazing hosts!

Kimy - McKinney, TX

This experience was like no other. I've been to many women's retreats.  This wellness retreat was about finding ourselves again.  My personal experience was getting a new perspective, and getting outside of myself and being reminded I am not alone in my struggles.  These women lifted each other up and kept raising each other up.  

I'm leaving with a feeling of self worth and loving myself.  I will take this experience and carry it with me into my life after I leave, with love, open mindedness, and willingness to be the best version of me.  I will be coming back and bringing my oldest daughter who is embarking on an adult life, and as a young woman, I would love for her to experience this to help pave the road for her new life.

Amber - Richardson, TX

When I was first introduced to the Tru Wellness retreat, I was hesitant but very interested.  To build up my courage, to step out of my comfort zone, I invited 3 of my close girlfriends to join.  Being the introvert that I am, doing something like this is super scary to me.  Unexpectedly, I came out of my shell the first night and was able to open up to these women whom most I have never met before.  The environment was very comforting and nonjudgmental, which is not what you expect being surrounded by so many different women.  My experience was amazing, and I came home to a new positive outlook on life and a feeling of empowerment as a woman.  It was nice to have that feeling of not being alone in your struggles and hearing everyone's stories. Sue and Jen were amazing hosts and I look forward to doing another retreat in the future.

Liz - Fort Worth, TX

 I felt blessed being able to be there and sharing those moments with you all. The energy of the group, house and Sedona combined left my heart wanting more. 

Much love and light, and a little hood ;)

Olyssa - Phoenix, AZ

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