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Our Retreats

Experience Where We've Been

August 2021

Our summer retreat was a last minute plan we put together to bring on a small group of ladies that were unable to join our Fall retreat. We were completely blown away by the inspiring stories and the deep connections that were made and this helped to create the time and space needed for self-reflection and deep understanding. We are sure that the tranquility of this retreat positively impacted our guests’ emotional management and overall well-being.

September 2021

We had close to 30 ladies join us for our fall retreat.  The accommodations were like nothing you've seen in a cabin.  With two story slides, and a grand living space, to an amazing deck overlooking the beauty of Broken Bow Oklahoma.  What an amazing time we had, learning to let down our guards, let go of our fears and step out and begin to do the things that scared us the most.

March 2022

Set in the Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ we welcomed an amazing group of strong women where we explored the processes of balancing out our lives and learning to love ourselves unconditionally.  We experienced the amazing heights of the Devil's Bridge and the serenity of the local Buddhist Temple Garden.

December 2021

Nestled in the hills of Austin, TX, this retreat was perfect for those looking to center themselves and reconnect with the earth. Nature hikes and watching the sunset by the lake.  We learned the importance of living in the now, do those things that feel right and walk away from the things that feel wrong.

May 2022

This retreat provided the perfect opportunity to focus attention on what is most important, the here and now. The natural setting and serene atmosphere helped our ladies escape the constant stimulation of modern life.

August 2022

Perched atop the rocks of Zion National Park in nature’s beauty, this retreat was perfect for those looking to center themselves and connect with the earth. By integrating methods of self-reflection and re-connection, this was a profound experience for all of the ladies

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